Ocean Spray Cranberries and Strawberry Popsicles

Paletas Heladas de Arándano de Ocean Spray y Fresa
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2 cups Light Cranberry Juice Drink
1 cup strawberry yogurt
2 1/2 of frozen strawberries
2 tablespoons sugar powdered (if desired)
1/4 cup mini chocolate chips

8 240 ml paper cups
8 wooden popsicle sticks


Place all ingredients in a blender, except the chocolate chips. Blend at high speed for a few seconds or until the ingredients are completely mixed.

Pour half a cup of the mixture into each paper cup and freeze for 30 minutes or until the mixture is slightly frozen. Add a teaspoon of chocolate chips and insert the wooden popsicle stick in the center of the popsicle. Freeze for 1 to 2 hours, or until completely firm.

Remove the paper cup from the popsicle by carefully rubbing the cup with warm water to loosen the cup.

If you want to store the popsicles, place them in a bag with a water-tight seal. You should be able to keep them in the freezer for up to two weeks.

Tip: If the bender does not properly blend the frozen strawberries, cut into medium-sized pieces before placing them in.

Approximate servings: 8 popsicles

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Ocean Spray Cranberries and Strawberry Popsicles

Ocean Spray Cranberries and Strawberry Popsicles